About Us


Are you one of those people that like to dig into company history or discover a bit more about the business you’re potentially buying something from? Well, you’ve found the right page here. Boring corporate message as follows…

What we do.

Ticktech is the sales trading name for Ticknology (UK) Ltd. We specialise in buying and selling graded I.T. and Consumer Electrical items. This may consist of any items in the following conditions…

  • Brand new Excess & Surplus equipment. This would usually consist of items from aged stock or as part of an order cancellation or company bankruptcy. These items will be in immaculate packaging and usually be available in larger quantities.
  • Brand new but may have superficial box damage. These items are brand new and unused, still sealed in the original box with all original accessories. The box may just have a small dent or tape marks which will not affect the contents.
  • Brand new but the box has been opened. These items may have more substantial box damage which has warranted opening the box to check the contents have not been affected. Or it has been opened by a customer only for them to realise the wrong item was sent to them (e.g. wrong colour / size etc)
  • Ex Demo and Change of Mind Returns. These items may have been used for demo purposes in a shop, or a customer has decided they no longer wish to keep it after a few days trial use. They would normally still be in the original box with all original accessories, still in perfect condition and full working order.
  • Manufacturer Refurbished. Items which may have previously had a fault but have been repaired by the manufacturer (or a manufacturer authorised agent) to full working order. These would usually come with all original accessories, but may not have the original box.
  • Used Equipment (Ex Lease and Office Clearouts). Items that have been removed from a working environment, all will have been cleaned and tested by ticktech to ensure they are in full working order. Any data bearing equipment (PC, Laptops, Tablets etc) will have had any storage drives cleared of any previous data and an Operating System reinstalled where necessary.
  • Spares / Repair. Item may be new or used, but has suffered damage or a fault which is beyond economical repair. Ideal for spare parts or for repair if a customer has a matching unit to source parts from.

We are always cautious of where we source our inventory from, and if we are not 100% happy it is genuine and of decent quality, we don't buy it.


It was 1985, on a cool spring day a child called Peter Barnett was born. Just 29 years later Ticknology UK Ltd was created.

Peter (our Managing Director) had been working in the IT industry for 10 years, always thinking about how he could change the world for the better. Eventually he gave up on that dream and decided to sell box damaged laptops on the internet instead.

Initially we traded solely on eBay and Amazon, but Peter heard of this new invention called ‘a Website’ and decided to investigate further. Some time passed then ticktech.com became a thing. Not long after that, you arrived here to read this and we all lived happily ever after.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Why are you so awesome?
A: We like to make people happy.

Q: Can I ask another question?
A: Yes. They are free.

Q: How quickly will you ship my item?
A: Usually the same business day if the order is placed before 2pm. We would ship it yesterday, but have not yet perfected our time machine.

Q: How well do you pack the orders?
A: Well enough to stand up to all the UK courier's slippery fingers. Not well enough to withstand a direct hit from a nuke.

Q: Do you want to go out on a date?
A: No, I'm shy, but I'm sure you're a lovely person.

Q: What will the weather be like tomorrow?
A: I'll tell you when I've fixed the time machine.

Q: Do you ever answer anything seriously?
A: Affirmative (yes).

Seriously though, ask us anything you like, we will give you a quick and clear answer.